Sunday, April 5, 2015

Redwork Bunny

Being Easter I felt like stitching some Bunnies. I have completed the first one. Not quite sure how I will complete this yet. Still thinking.

 I love the hat with flowers.

Stitched Choc Chip Cookies

I have been enjoying the Easter Weekend and having time to stitch. I have been working on "Meant to be Together".

This is what I have completed today. The yummy Choc Chip Cookies. I just loved stitching the cow on the milk bottle. It made me remember my childhood days on the farm.

This is the progress I have made on this project up to now. 

I am starting the Wedding couple next. Then this project will reach the half way mark.

Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meant to be together Update

I have had a little time to start stitching again. During our time away at the Lyrebird Retreat I was stitching in front of the log fire. This was so unusual for us as it is Summer here in Brisbane at the moment. But up here in the Springbrook mountains it was really cold. This was the most relaxing day I have had since starting my new job with a lot of responsibility. I enjoyed the peaceful time between the birds and the bush tremendously.
                          I have completed the two little bears. Don't they look so much in love?

                                        This is the progress on "Meant to be Together" to date.

                                        I am now going to be stitching the chocolate cookies.

World Heritage Springbrook Rainforest.

We have enjoyed a lovely long weekend as I had last Friday off. We booked at the World Heritage Springbrook Rainforest Retreat about an hour from the South Brisbane area. This is what you see on arrival.
                                                 Look at the stunning leadlight windows.

Bathroom and bedroom have bush views
A possum came to visit.
The Twin Falls

 An Ancient Antarctic beech tree originating from the super continent, Gondwana, 100 million years ago when dinosaurs were still roaming Australia.

                           The "Best of all" Lookout. The Gold Coast is in the very far distance.
                       This was the most tranquille weekend and we will be back to explore more.

Tamborine National Park Rainforest

We enjoyed a lovely day at Tamborine Rainforest. There is a Skywalk, many bush walking trails and a glow worm cave. We only had time to do a beautiful bush walk. This is what we saw...

untill a sudden storm hit. We were pounded with hail stones and heavy rain half way down the track. By the time we reached the car we were apsolutely soaked and cold... and had an hour to drive home before we could take a warm shower and feel human again!   

Niel working at Facebook

At the end of January our younger son Niel left for San Francisco. He has been dreaming of going to America to one of the larger companies for more experience for some time. He is working at Facebook for a 3 month internship and will be back in Australia again in May.

I just love the street name, Hacker Way. We always call Niel our little hacker. So he must be feeling quite at home.

Admitted as a Lawyer

We enjoyed a very special day on the 18th December 2014 with our eldest son Coenraad being admitted as a Lawyer. These are a few photo's of the occasion.