Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Son's 21st in Brisbane

We had a very busy time preparing for our eldest son's 21st. We had to take an extra fold-up table, chairs,  wine glasses, platters etc. We started packing the 4x4 just to find that the table didn't fit. Then we tried my Honda and it was the WINNER! We also had to fit the gigantic present in the car! It took us 2 hours to pack and fit everything. Quite a site!
My husband took Thursday and Friday off work as well as the Monday. We left the Thursday morning of the 9th August at 3am. Our youngest son had to fly to Brisbane from Sydney and we had to pick him up in Brisbane at 8am. We had booked into a motel for the long weekend, but when we arrived the room wasn't available yet. We were allowed to drop the cold things into the fridge. We had to take a walk to find somewhere to go and have a coffee. We enjoyed our time at an ABC Bookstore, had a lovely coffee, read the papers and all about he Olympics and walked back. The room was still not available. By then we decided it was time for lunch. When we got back to the motel, we were all exhausted and  had a long afternoon siesta. Coenraad (the birthday boy) came over to our place after work We had to drive to his place to offload everything and get to his presents!
We went out for the evening and celebrated his big day at a lovely restaurant.
On Friday we had to buy all the groceries. I had to make the punch sugar syrup, the salt treats, chocolate pudding and the liqueur tart, in the tiny square motel kitchen. Most of the time I was getting baking powder or sugar all over the kitchen floor...and cleaning that up was FUN!

On Saturday morning before we had even opened our eyes (6am) the phone rang. Coenraad had to go to the airport and pick up a friend that was arriving from Sydney and his car's battery was flat...It always happens at the worst time. I was planning to get to Coenraad's home to start the main preperations for the evenings party with all his friends. So once again I had to start more preperations in the little haunted kitchen. I was more successful this time, as I was starting to find my way around. They eventually came to pick me and Niel up and all the bits and pieces that had to go to the party venue.

There we did more preperations. Niel was very helpful during the last 20 minutes!.
Later the evening all the fun started and we had too much food!

This was the Weber BBQ (the birthday present) in use and some of the best friends.
We had a fantastic evening and a great time!




  1. Wow! What a great 21st birthday bash.

  2. It sounds like everyone had a great time! happy Birthday to Coenraad!