Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Brisbane Visit

During our first week in Kingaroy, Coenraad phoned us and let us know he was in the finals for the Criminal Law Moot on Thursday night. We have never been able to attend any of his moots in the past as it has always been in the week. With Danie also in teaching now and him finishing at 3pm and with living closer to Brisbane now, we decided to go. We made it just in time after navigating city traffic at it's peak and finding parking that can be a nightmare in the centre of Brisbane. It was a fantastic contest and the other team won. We were treaded unexpectedly with lovely fresh filled rolls and cool drinks. As we were on the road all afternoon, we didn't have time for supper before so this was a great feast. 

After the contest we decided to go and watch the laser show on the Brisbane River, just across the bridge from the QUT Universtity. It was spectacular in colour and especially the reflections on the water. Here are a few of the photo's to give you some idea.

The walk along the river is beautiful. Here are a few photo's of a walkway next to the Brisbane River.

We left at 9.30pm and arrived back in Kingaroy past midnight at 12.30am.


  1. Wow, the laser show is very cool. I bet it was even better in person!

  2. Great pictures of the laser show. I would love to go to one someday. Glad you got to see the concert.

  3. what a wonderful treat you had...getting to see your son & then the light show & the walk on the river.....that walk looks wonderful.....
    have a great week!!!