Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rainbow Beach Sandblow

The walk to this sandblow area is just so picturess. There are quite a few stairs to climb, but absolutely worth it!
Just look at these trees on the walkway to the sandblow!
The sand blow looking towards the sea.
The sand blow looking towards the Great Sandy Straits.
This was a lovely way to see the end of the day. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fraser Island: Largest sand dune island in the world

We made a trip to Fraser Island with family.
This is the Kingfisher Bay Eco Resort
We had magnificent weather, but the worst roads we have ever encountered in comparison to many previous trips here.
The rainforest is just beautiful!
Breakfast at Central Station.
Central Station Boardwalk.
Lake MacKenzie.
Driving on the East Coast Beach. This is Indian Heads.
Moheno Shipwreck.
Pinnacles on the East Coast of Fraser Island.
Eli Creek
Aircraft land on the beach.
A Dingo on the beach.
Exit the Island to Rainbow Beach.
If you prefer going with a tour group, these 4X4 Tour buses are very popular.
We enjoyed a lovely time inhaling the salty air and hearing the waves on the beach.