Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Grandma stitching update

Last weekend our large furniture was shifted and we now have boxes, of all the stuff that came out of some of these cupboards, all over the place. For the next 2 days we are just going to pretend we don't see them.
We have today and tomorrow to do washing and to pack for the start of our trip to Brisbane for our eldest sons graduation and then 6 days later we fly to South Africa. It has been a very crazy, busy time.

I have had some time to stitch and have started the sixth square.

I have to try and finish the rest of it in motel rooms as we fly our way out of town 2 hours before the school closes on Friday the 6th of December for the Xmas holiday. We will be staying in Cairns on Friday night and catching the next flight to Brisbane at 2pm on Saturday.

We are so excited  as we need a GOOD REST!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Started "Grandma's House"

I have recently started a new kit called "Grandma's house".

We will be visiting South African family in December and both our boys from university will be going aswell. So I have decided to give Grandma and Grandpa something to remember our visit. I have changed the top banner to "Grandma and Grandpa's house".

I have also stitched two of the squares with the Teddie's in it and when I'm able to take a photo in good daylight I'll update this blog.

I also want to change the inscription at the bottum to say "the fun place to be".

We are shifting again ...

Hi everyone,
We have good and bad news. The good news is that Danie was offered a permanent position at the school this week. When we received this information, we were so happy and thaught that it meant at least that we wouldn't have to move again.

But 3 days later the news came through that a family of 6 are relocating to the school and that the only 4 bedroom family home, will now have to be offered to them. We have been offered a 3 bedroom home right opposite the school. I can see it from the tuckshop.

It means we can walk to work and that the cars don't have stand in the 37 - 40 degree heat. So that's a big plus. I also love the larger kitchen as it has more working surfaces than the home we have been in. The only problem we have is that we won't have a full study. We will have to combine a desk and a single bed into one room. We will have to store some boxes and furniture but fortunately there is a large shed in the backyard that would help in this regard.

This afternoon I packed my car and guess what went in first... my cross stitch containers. Tomorrow morning we start once again with shifting boxes. By the end of this I'll look like Popeye with the best muscles in the world! At least something to be proud of.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Croydon visit

While our youngest son was here during his university holidays, we went to the historic gold rush village of Croydon. This is a 155km drive to the East and it took nearly 2 hours to get there. This town has a population of around 255 people.

 I just loved the metal structures at the historic village. Look at these kangaroos and emu.

Here are some of the mining acquipment used.
There is a very informative information centre and we watched a lovely mining movie while there. The whole site is beautifully presented and worth a visit.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bucilla Meant to be Together

I started this Bucilla, "Meant to be Together" kit, because I liked the various colours and different items to focus on while stitching.

 Have a look at the close-up picture of the kit. Don't those red strawberries with cream on the right look yummy!

Isn't the tiny little mouse at the top left of the frame just too adorable. He looks asif he is hiding and enjoying  his find...some yellow cheese. With that large cat so close, he'd better not get too comfortable!

I thought this kit has seperate sections and that one could focus on a small piece at a time and have some feeling of achievement when a section is completed. I have finished the centre rabbit with her basket of carrots. I'm hoping to compleat the bear in the mirror next to her tonight.

Happy stitching everyone.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Started a Heaven and Earth Design

Our eldest son is studying law and should be finishing at the end of the year after 5 years. I have been looking around and found "A Lawyer More Than Adequately Attired". Artwork by C. Christensen.

 The finished design size is 525W by 700H. It is stitched with 88 colors on 25 count fabric. I ordered a piece of Lugana hand died as "Tropical" from "Hand Died Fabrics by Stephanie" in the USA. I'm hoping this will help me not to have to stitch all of the background.

This is what I have stitched after the first week.

This is the size of the piece of fabric I need to stitch. I'll have to stitch NIGHT AND DAY!!! 

AND need a lot of encouragement.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Teddie has an arm

I had the weekend to do quite a lot of stitching on "Buttons 'n Bears" and the centre Teddie now has an arm.

I am keen to start his face tonight.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Buttons 'N Bears 1st Update

Hi everyone,
Here is the first update of Buttons 'N Bears. I am loving the colors and the change of something new to stitch. You should be able to recognise the buttons on the centre teddy's undercoat.

This is the progress on the top half of the pattern. A very long way still to go.

When I tried the library across the street from our home to make copies of my pattern, they were able to print this part of the pattern for me as a working copy, but the machine played up and complained it didn't have paper although it did have paper. The volunteer workers there got nervous so I decided to leave, happy with something to start on in the mean time.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Buttons 'N Bears

This is a Gold Collection discontinued kit I was very eager to get hold of for some time. I won a bid on it recently and it arrived on Friday. I paid quite a lot for it, but with all the detail in it, I just couldn't let it get away.

"Buttons 'N Bears" is 290 x 219 stitches on 28 count. Stitch 63 510 stitches to complete this piece and add all the backstitching. Here you can see the detail in the picture.

 This will take a while to complete.

I have started the green waist coat on the centre bear this weekend. When there is more to see, I'll take a picture.

My new job

I have been in my new job now for 5 days. Here in the Outbacks one has to take what comes your way so I have decided to give it my all.

This is the Tuckshop at the same school where Danie is teaching. I made the colorful "Welcome" banners to try and attract the kids attention... and make more sales.

This is the inside. Very spacious and comfortably fitted out.

This is a "Melon man" I made to display with the fruit that is available for purchase.

I have been loving my job and the creativity I can bring to it. I also love the fact that I can go home at 2.00pm and still have an afternoon.

Gulf of Carpentaria

While our youngest son came visiting, we went to Karumba about 74km from here. The Sunset Tavern is on the edge of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

 This is our youngest son and Dad. 

One can watch the most beautiful sunsets from here.


While our eldest son visited at the begin of our holiday, we decided to do the rail road trip on the Gulflander. This rail was developed during the gold rush in Croydon. We did the 2 hour trip, from Normanton to Critter's Camp.
The following photo is the entrance to the station.

 This is the train carrage we were in.

This was inside the carrage.

 and this was CRITTERSCAMP!!!!
It was time time to have our refreshments while the train was turned around and we headed back to Normanton. It was a lovely experience.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Online Retreat

The past weekend was our first online retreat. It was a great time to get stuck into "Tiger Chilling Out" and complete his fur. The first photo was taken after the first day (Saturday) of stitching.

The next photo shows the progress on the water reflection after Sundays stitching. This was about 1500 stitches of work done in about 13 hours.

In the water reflection you use one and three threads of half stitches only. In this case you can't use the loop method at the start and this slows one down quite a bit as you are finishing off threads at the start and at the finish. It was lovely to stitch with shades of blue, after so much orange, brown and black.

The next photo shows how much more stitching still needs to be done on the water reflection.

  A daunting task!

5 Ornaments completed

I have completed five ornaments in total now. I was able to get more thread in Mt Isa and completed the rest of the ornaments while my eldest son was visiting here.

The first photo is of the front of the ornaments.

This next photo is of the back of the ornaments.

I am very happy with the outcome. Next time I would like to try the cord on the corner and add a tassel to each. I think they would look more finished off. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Making ornaments

I have been making a few ornaments to decorate a dry piece of branch, that reflects the dry season here. I have completed the first two and am enjoying them tremendiously. I always work on larger projects, but this has been a great change. This photo is of the front of the ornaments.

 This photo is of the back of them.

This is the branch that needs some urgent colour. 

I am going to run out of thread, and this town doesn't have a craft store. Fortunately our Winter holidays start tomorrow and we have to drive 5 hours after school closes, to get to Mt  Isa by tomorrow night. We are picking up our eldest at the airport at lunch time on Saturday. We will have the morning to do some urgent grocery shopping, have our hair done and hopefully find a craft store, before they close just after mid day. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Show rewards

We had our local show here on the 7th, 8th and 9th of June. As I had a bit of time on hands, I decided to enter a few of my cross stitch and drawing efforts. You may remember my recent Rocky Point with the mizillion of french knots. It received a 2nd spot.

Sleepy Santa was stitched a few years ago, and as both these projects weren't in sealed frames I was able to remove and present them. The judges do have to be able to see the back of the projects. Sleepy Santa received a 1st spot. 

 I also do some pencil drawings occasionally, but have never put my pencil work up here in my blog. The piece I collated and entered was called "A Beach Study". These were close up drawings of all sorts of bits and pieces of drift wood, leaves, a shell, etc. that were picked up on the beach. I was happy to receive a 2nd spot for this.