Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rocky Point is COMPLETE!

This was a Gold Collection Petite kit. It had so much back stitching and it felt like a trillion of French knots... but they look magnificent now that they are all in place. Like a garden with roses in full bloom. I enjoyed every minute on this project. The 18 count was challenging at times. I had never worked on such a small count before.
Now look at this!

This is a close-up of the tower.

Now look at all the blooms!

It was lovely to complete this kit before we leave to Bamaga on the tip of the Cape York Peninsula. I have just packed all our clothes and still need to pack the bedding, towels, basic foodstuffs etc.     

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tiger Chilling Out

A NEW PROJECT! I'm so excited. I'll be taking this project with me to Bamaga. This is a "Tiger Chilling Out" kit from Dimensions.

I just love the colors of the reflection in the water .This is what it should look like one day when finished.

This is my small start today.

On the move again to the WILD NORTH

We are on the move again! We had a call yesterday asking Danie if he would be interested in a 5 week contract in far North Queensland. Both of us have had very little relief teaching so far in our local area for this term. So we have decided to go and will hopefully enjoy the experience. They don't have a teaching position for me, so I'll be stitching, reading and exploring the area.

Our flights have been booked for a departure on Tuesday. On this map you can see Brisbane on the East Coast of Queensland. We are flying from Brisbane to Cains and then flying a 2nd leg from Cains to Bamaga (980km north of Cains).It is wet season in the tropics at the moment and one can't go by road. Everything is flown into this community at this stage. It is very remote.

Bamaga is the most Northern town in Queensland. From Cains it is only accessible by 4X4 travel in the dry season.


Today we have been scrambling to redirect our mail, get another prescription for an extra months high blood pressure pills for Danie, change Danie's phone plan to one that get's reception up there, arranging garden services while we are away and getting clothing (Cotton) that is more suitable for a tropical and high humidity area.

During the next few days we will have a MEGA FEAST to eat everything that is still left in the fridge and freezer as we want to switch them both off to save power. We wish we could invite you all over to join us in this FUN!

I'll keep you all updated on this trip to the WILD NORTH! 

Life after shifting

We have settled in now, unpacked the most important boxes, but still have a few boxes in the way. We have run out of cupboard space!!! So more clearing out still needs to be done. We don't have a walk-in-robe.... so winters clothes are currently hanging in one of the other bedrooms, as we don't need them at the moment.

I  decided to reward myself to some stitching time, when I unpacked and cleared out a box. This was really very rewarding and it payed off.

This is my stitching corner with my OTT Lite set up. This is where I find piece and am the happiest.

I have completed the "Rocky Point" stitching and am now busy doing the back stitching. I hope to complete the french knots this weekend.

I have been winding threads on bobbins, prepared the edges of the material and had working copies made for my new cross stitch project today. As soon as I have been able to take photo's I'll share this with you.


Photo's of ex-cyclone Oswald

When we were shifting, these photo's were taken around the house. This is what it looked like after 700ml of rain in 2 days. This is the creek next to the house.

This was looking out from the patio area on the left to the Nature Reserve.

This was looking from the patio area to the right of the Nature Reserve.

The house was never in danger as the section is built up quite a lot. There was about a meter still to go before the water would have started pushing over the edge of the creek.We have never seen so much water in this wetland before. Most of the time it has been completely dry here in front of the house. This was a beautiful site to experience.