Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We are heading to Normanton

We have good news, Danie has been offered a position in teaching Maths and Sience in Normanton far North remote Queensland. Close to the Gulf of Carpenteria.

The Department pays for the relocation. We have been offered a 4 bedroom, 2 barthroom home. We have had a week to prepare for our move. We only have tomorrow to do the last preperation before the packers arrive on Friday to do the pre-pack. The pick up happens on Saturday. We are going to have an overflow but that will have to go into storage. Now the big job is to decide what has to go and what has to stay.

It wil take us 3 days to drive 1897 km. It is a 24 hour drive. We will do about 8 hours driving a day.

We'll keep you all updated.

Summerset beach.

We also visited Summerset Beach.

These were the locals spear fishing.

This is the beach. Many visitors have been here today. All the strides are etched out like in a painting.

Coconuts are in abundance!

Walk past mangroves. Look out for crocs! Just keep walking and don't stand still we were told. In hearing this I felt like running all the way...there was no time to be idle and stare into the endless horison....

Then a hike.

 The cliff overhang. Just stunning.

To the left of the rock face.

See the rock art painting behind us.

This tugboat was toing the barge that bring the supplies into Bamaga from Cains.

This is the barge on it's way back to Cains.

We started heading back.

These sre the boalders we had to concer.

We drove to the original Summerset Settlement. This was the entrance to the original town. Today it is abandant.

The Tip Visit

We visited The Tip. The most Northern tip of Australia. It is known as Pajinka. The red soil is beautifull. The road was rather good although it was still the end of the wet season.

Just look at the tropical nature of this wonder place.

Arrival at The Tip.

There was a bit of a hike past mangroves.

Then a bit of a climb.

Isn't nature wonderful. Just look at this. Surviving in rock!

At The Tip. The most photographed sign.

 You can add a stone to the pile to show you were here.
Where to from here. Sydney is 2730 km away. This is the largest distance we have ever been away from our youngest son.
We also experienced a very heavy shower and were all soaking. This was one of the most wonderfull experiences in our lives. This was an instant build up and shower and was over in such a short while. Cool and refreshing. This is a place you just have to visit.

Accommodation was very comfortable

The accommodation was a lovely surprise. It was a lot more spaciuos than we expected.
look at this comfy couch. This is where I spent many hours stitching "Tiger Chilling Out".

The kitchen was modern with a glass top stove.

We had a lovely deck with a view to the neighbour from our bedroom window.

Now it's time to show you where we went exploring. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tiger Chilling Out (18 count) Update

G'day everyone,
After being away North, I have had quite some time to stitch. It was exciting to have a new project to focus on. This is my first attempt stitching on black and I must say that it hasn't been as hard at I was expecting. I have read in the past that stitchers have found black hard to see and work with but I found by using something white on my lap helps me see the holes.

This was my progress after the first week in the North.

This was my progress just before leaving Bamaga.

I have done more stitching since our arrival, but will update when I have taken photo's again. 

Arrival in Bamaga

We were booked on the only flight to Bamaga for the day at 8.05am. This was the view of the Jardine River from our Skytrans plane.

The flight took over two hours. We arrived in the tropics just after 10.00 am.

This is the airport!

This is the mural inside the airport building. Beautiful, colourful and bright. What surprised me was that there was no crocodile in this picture! Saltwater crocodiles are dangerous and on and around all beaches here. 

On our way to Bamaga from the airport termite hills like this are scattered all over the place.

What struck me on arrival was the HEAT and the HUMIDITY. There was no air conditioning in the airport building. These people seemed  to be used to this kind of tortua and no one complained. I immediately had respect for the people of this area, that call this place home.

Collonial Club Resort

This was a great surprise .... a magnificent Colonial Club Resort, 

stunning tropical surroundings,

a beautiful pool,


and ferns.

After a very long, hot, frustrating day, driving for hours and waiting in airports, we could enjoy a lovely meal,  the surroundings and start enjoying our adventure to the North again.

We dropped down luxury.