Saturday, April 6, 2013

Arrival in Bamaga

We were booked on the only flight to Bamaga for the day at 8.05am. This was the view of the Jardine River from our Skytrans plane.

The flight took over two hours. We arrived in the tropics just after 10.00 am.

This is the airport!

This is the mural inside the airport building. Beautiful, colourful and bright. What surprised me was that there was no crocodile in this picture! Saltwater crocodiles are dangerous and on and around all beaches here. 

On our way to Bamaga from the airport termite hills like this are scattered all over the place.

What struck me on arrival was the HEAT and the HUMIDITY. There was no air conditioning in the airport building. These people seemed  to be used to this kind of tortua and no one complained. I immediately had respect for the people of this area, that call this place home.

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