Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Summerset beach.

We also visited Summerset Beach.

These were the locals spear fishing.

This is the beach. Many visitors have been here today. All the strides are etched out like in a painting.

Coconuts are in abundance!

Walk past mangroves. Look out for crocs! Just keep walking and don't stand still we were told. In hearing this I felt like running all the way...there was no time to be idle and stare into the endless horison....

Then a hike.

 The cliff overhang. Just stunning.

To the left of the rock face.

See the rock art painting behind us.

This tugboat was toing the barge that bring the supplies into Bamaga from Cains.

This is the barge on it's way back to Cains.

We started heading back.

These sre the boalders we had to concer.

We drove to the original Summerset Settlement. This was the entrance to the original town. Today it is abandant.

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