Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Tip Visit

We visited The Tip. The most Northern tip of Australia. It is known as Pajinka. The red soil is beautifull. The road was rather good although it was still the end of the wet season.

Just look at the tropical nature of this wonder place.

Arrival at The Tip.

There was a bit of a hike past mangroves.

Then a bit of a climb.

Isn't nature wonderful. Just look at this. Surviving in rock!

At The Tip. The most photographed sign.

 You can add a stone to the pile to show you were here.
Where to from here. Sydney is 2730 km away. This is the largest distance we have ever been away from our youngest son.
We also experienced a very heavy shower and were all soaking. This was one of the most wonderfull experiences in our lives. This was an instant build up and shower and was over in such a short while. Cool and refreshing. This is a place you just have to visit.

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  1. If I ever get to Australia I will make sure I get to the North Tip. Beautiful pictures and probably not doing justice to the wonders of nature.