Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tiger Chilling Out (18 count) Update

G'day everyone,
After being away North, I have had quite some time to stitch. It was exciting to have a new project to focus on. This is my first attempt stitching on black and I must say that it hasn't been as hard at I was expecting. I have read in the past that stitchers have found black hard to see and work with but I found by using something white on my lap helps me see the holes.

This was my progress after the first week in the North.

This was my progress just before leaving Bamaga.

I have done more stitching since our arrival, but will update when I have taken photo's again. 

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  1. Tiger is coming along great! I can't wait to see more. I love all your photos. The area is very stunning and very tropical-looking.