Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Update on Tiger

This is an update on "Tiger Chilling Out" (18 count). The two ears are now showing.
This piece has had so many confetti stitches and it has been difficult to stitch. One doesn't feel there is enough progress to show for the amount of time put in.

I still enjoy every stitch I do.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Delivery truck arrived

Thursday morning was a very early start. The delivery truck arrived at 6.30am in the morning.

As this is a Queenslander style home it has a staircase at the back. To make offloading of heavy furniture easier, the desision was made to remove one of the screens on the front of the verandah. Everything went smoothly and no furniture was damadged.

The home is a baracks style home with all 4 bedrooms the same size. There isn't a larger main bedroom. All the bedrooms have a door leading to the front porch witch makes it lovely at night when it is cooler, to be able to open the door. The kitchen is smaller than our previous home, but I have packed the more larger breakables in one of the bedrooms as there are lots of built in shelving that can be used in some way.

The yard is a lovely size with 2 large Mango trees and no garden beds to weed. In this heat I'm sure no one wants to be outside!! It is nearly winter and we are having temperatures of 32 - 34 degrees Celsius.  There are two garden sheds at the back that we aren't even utilising at the moment as there is a storage area under the house and easy to get to.

We are looking forward to settling in and not having to cope with another move in 3 months time. This position has the prospect of becoming permanent. Hopefully I will start having time for some stitching again.

Australia Outback

Winton, the Outback town is best known as the place that AB (Banjo) Paterson wrote Waltzing Matilda in 1895, while staying at Dagworth Station outside Winton. The first performance of the ballad was reported to be at Winton's North Gregory Hotel.

We left Winton at 8.00am after a large room service breakfast. We found this little steam engine just as we were leaving the town.

Road trains are very daunting if you come across them on the road.

Have you ever tried to pass a Road Train like this?

Winton is in the centre of Matilda Country, a diverse region in which vast Mitchell Grass plains are broken by magnificent coloured gorges, ridges and jump-ups.

We reached Kynuna Roadhouse and enjoyed a cold ice-cream and filled up with petrol which was rather pricey. It was just going to get worse further North.

Here were two tame brolga's. The brolga stands more than a metre high and is grey in color with a touch of red on the head.

Then we drove to Cloncurry. We had lunch and tried two chemists for hubbies high blood pressure pills, but no one had this brand in stock. The one chemist went to the trouble and phoned the hospital in Normanton (as there isn't a chemist in the town) to enquire about the script when we arrive there. So he was very helpful.

We only had 400km to go to reach our destination. There were lovely clean facilities along the way.

We reached the Burke and Wills Roadhouse, the only place to have a meal and fill up with fuel on this 400 km stretch of road.

Just look at this!

Eventually we arrived in Normanton.

This was the trip we completed on Wednesday.

We rushed to the school to get the keys to the house but the school office had already closed. After a few phone calls, the head mistress met us at the motel and handed over the keys. This is where our new life in the Outbacks would start. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the garages below were lockable now. On  Google maps the picture showed open garages. So improvements have been made to the property since.

We were able to get access before dark, so that we could plan where to put the furniture when the delivery truck arrived Thursday morning.

Heading off

The 4 X 4 was loaded. The trees just made it in...as well as the 4 orchids. There was no space left for even a mouse. This is the distance of 1897km we had to cover in two and a half days.

We headed for Gin Gin and then Miriam Vale where we stayed the night.

We started Tuesday morning very early at 3.30am. At about 4.00 am we hit something hairy, quite solid, and it may have been a wombat. We have evidence of night driving in Australia. Damage to the bumper, and the number plate is bent.

We enjoyed breakfast in Rockhampton. Then headed for Blackwater, Alpha, and Barcaldine. This is what you see for kilometers and kilometers. The road turns into a mirage in the distance ...

In Longreach, Queensland you can visit the Qantas Founders Outback Museum. The museum is home to a decommissioned Qantas Boeing 747-200, which can be observed by the general public.

Not everyone knows, but the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service (Q.A.N.T.A.S.) had its humble and challenging start in Outback Queensland. Conceived in Cloncurry, born in Winton and brought to fruition in Longreach where a hangar and the country’s first purpose built landing field were constructed in the early 1920’s.

We headed to Winton. Arrived there just as the sun was setting. We had been on the road for 12 hours and needed a good rest. This is the distance we had covered in the 12 hours driving.

 We found this motel, had a great dinner, didn't even switch the TV on due to exhaustion and enjoyed a good nights rest.

We have never travelled 12 hours a day ever before. This is when one realises the vastness and beauty of the Australian Outback. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Packing up

Packing up is HARD WORK! On the day of the pre-pack we expected a team of packers... as we have a 4 bedroom home. Guess what. Only one male arrived. This is where we realised that we had to get stuck in and help. This household isn't a normal household. With crafts, cross stitching stash, books and magazines, teaching goodies and an on-line store with stock .... this was a daunting task.

I had to unplant our 3 fig trees and 2 inside palms, as they weren't allowed on the load. I had to wash all the pots and bird baths. This was a large task by itself.

After the loading we did have an overflow as expected. Most of the household items were in, but no tools, curtains in large metal containers or stock in the garage could go. We had to put all this in storage. Fortunately we found a storage company that allowed us in on Sunday and it took all day with a rented trailer.
We booked into a lovely Bed and Breakfast in town and enjoyed a lovely evening and a well deserved rest.

Just look at these gardens! And we needed to put our feet up. This was luxurious!

And a Spa Bath... to sooth every saw muscle!

 We were surposed to start driving the 1897 km (24 hour drive), 8 hours a day, to Normanton on Monday, to be there for the off load on Thursday morning. But we were still cleaning up, taking the last excess groceries etc to the tip and only got away at 3.00 pm late Monday afternoon.