Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Delivery truck arrived

Thursday morning was a very early start. The delivery truck arrived at 6.30am in the morning.

As this is a Queenslander style home it has a staircase at the back. To make offloading of heavy furniture easier, the desision was made to remove one of the screens on the front of the verandah. Everything went smoothly and no furniture was damadged.

The home is a baracks style home with all 4 bedrooms the same size. There isn't a larger main bedroom. All the bedrooms have a door leading to the front porch witch makes it lovely at night when it is cooler, to be able to open the door. The kitchen is smaller than our previous home, but I have packed the more larger breakables in one of the bedrooms as there are lots of built in shelving that can be used in some way.

The yard is a lovely size with 2 large Mango trees and no garden beds to weed. In this heat I'm sure no one wants to be outside!! It is nearly winter and we are having temperatures of 32 - 34 degrees Celsius.  There are two garden sheds at the back that we aren't even utilising at the moment as there is a storage area under the house and easy to get to.

We are looking forward to settling in and not having to cope with another move in 3 months time. This position has the prospect of becoming permanent. Hopefully I will start having time for some stitching again.

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