Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Packing up

Packing up is HARD WORK! On the day of the pre-pack we expected a team of packers... as we have a 4 bedroom home. Guess what. Only one male arrived. This is where we realised that we had to get stuck in and help. This household isn't a normal household. With crafts, cross stitching stash, books and magazines, teaching goodies and an on-line store with stock .... this was a daunting task.

I had to unplant our 3 fig trees and 2 inside palms, as they weren't allowed on the load. I had to wash all the pots and bird baths. This was a large task by itself.

After the loading we did have an overflow as expected. Most of the household items were in, but no tools, curtains in large metal containers or stock in the garage could go. We had to put all this in storage. Fortunately we found a storage company that allowed us in on Sunday and it took all day with a rented trailer.
We booked into a lovely Bed and Breakfast in town and enjoyed a lovely evening and a well deserved rest.

Just look at these gardens! And we needed to put our feet up. This was luxurious!

And a Spa Bath... to sooth every saw muscle!

 We were surposed to start driving the 1897 km (24 hour drive), 8 hours a day, to Normanton on Monday, to be there for the off load on Thursday morning. But we were still cleaning up, taking the last excess groceries etc to the tip and only got away at 3.00 pm late Monday afternoon. 

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