Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Making ornaments

I have been making a few ornaments to decorate a dry piece of branch, that reflects the dry season here. I have completed the first two and am enjoying them tremendiously. I always work on larger projects, but this has been a great change. This photo is of the front of the ornaments.

 This photo is of the back of them.

This is the branch that needs some urgent colour. 

I am going to run out of thread, and this town doesn't have a craft store. Fortunately our Winter holidays start tomorrow and we have to drive 5 hours after school closes, to get to Mt  Isa by tomorrow night. We are picking up our eldest at the airport at lunch time on Saturday. We will have the morning to do some urgent grocery shopping, have our hair done and hopefully find a craft store, before they close just after mid day. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Show rewards

We had our local show here on the 7th, 8th and 9th of June. As I had a bit of time on hands, I decided to enter a few of my cross stitch and drawing efforts. You may remember my recent Rocky Point with the mizillion of french knots. It received a 2nd spot.

Sleepy Santa was stitched a few years ago, and as both these projects weren't in sealed frames I was able to remove and present them. The judges do have to be able to see the back of the projects. Sleepy Santa received a 1st spot. 

 I also do some pencil drawings occasionally, but have never put my pencil work up here in my blog. The piece I collated and entered was called "A Beach Study". These were close up drawings of all sorts of bits and pieces of drift wood, leaves, a shell, etc. that were picked up on the beach. I was happy to receive a 2nd spot for this.


Tiger has a head

I have had time to settle in now and have done more stitching. Tiger now has a head and I have done the back stitching on the ears, nose and mouth.

Tiger still needs whiskers, but I'll do them last as they need longer stitches. I have started some of the water but finding the half stitches difficuilt as it is sometimes hard to continue a piece as there are many empty areas that aren't stitched on the right side of the design.

I have been ordering new kits but none have arrived yet. I would love to finish this one before I start another.