Monday, July 1, 2013

Online Retreat

The past weekend was our first online retreat. It was a great time to get stuck into "Tiger Chilling Out" and complete his fur. The first photo was taken after the first day (Saturday) of stitching.

The next photo shows the progress on the water reflection after Sundays stitching. This was about 1500 stitches of work done in about 13 hours.

In the water reflection you use one and three threads of half stitches only. In this case you can't use the loop method at the start and this slows one down quite a bit as you are finishing off threads at the start and at the finish. It was lovely to stitch with shades of blue, after so much orange, brown and black.

The next photo shows how much more stitching still needs to be done on the water reflection.

  A daunting task!


  1. Online retreat was fun. You made a lot of progress. You will be done before you know it.

  2. that looks wonderful Lynette!!!!! You made great progress!

  3. Looks wonderful!!! Glad you could make it!!!