Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Started a Heaven and Earth Design

Our eldest son is studying law and should be finishing at the end of the year after 5 years. I have been looking around and found "A Lawyer More Than Adequately Attired". Artwork by C. Christensen.

 The finished design size is 525W by 700H. It is stitched with 88 colors on 25 count fabric. I ordered a piece of Lugana hand died as "Tropical" from "Hand Died Fabrics by Stephanie" in the USA. I'm hoping this will help me not to have to stitch all of the background.

This is what I have stitched after the first week.

This is the size of the piece of fabric I need to stitch. I'll have to stitch NIGHT AND DAY!!! 

AND need a lot of encouragement.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Teddie has an arm

I had the weekend to do quite a lot of stitching on "Buttons 'n Bears" and the centre Teddie now has an arm.

I am keen to start his face tonight.