Friday, November 8, 2013

Started "Grandma's House"

I have recently started a new kit called "Grandma's house".

We will be visiting South African family in December and both our boys from university will be going aswell. So I have decided to give Grandma and Grandpa something to remember our visit. I have changed the top banner to "Grandma and Grandpa's house".

I have also stitched two of the squares with the Teddie's in it and when I'm able to take a photo in good daylight I'll update this blog.

I also want to change the inscription at the bottum to say "the fun place to be".

We are shifting again ...

Hi everyone,
We have good and bad news. The good news is that Danie was offered a permanent position at the school this week. When we received this information, we were so happy and thaught that it meant at least that we wouldn't have to move again.

But 3 days later the news came through that a family of 6 are relocating to the school and that the only 4 bedroom family home, will now have to be offered to them. We have been offered a 3 bedroom home right opposite the school. I can see it from the tuckshop.

It means we can walk to work and that the cars don't have stand in the 37 - 40 degree heat. So that's a big plus. I also love the larger kitchen as it has more working surfaces than the home we have been in. The only problem we have is that we won't have a full study. We will have to combine a desk and a single bed into one room. We will have to store some boxes and furniture but fortunately there is a large shed in the backyard that would help in this regard.

This afternoon I packed my car and guess what went in first... my cross stitch containers. Tomorrow morning we start once again with shifting boxes. By the end of this I'll look like Popeye with the best muscles in the world! At least something to be proud of.