Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Grandma stitching update

Last weekend our large furniture was shifted and we now have boxes, of all the stuff that came out of some of these cupboards, all over the place. For the next 2 days we are just going to pretend we don't see them.
We have today and tomorrow to do washing and to pack for the start of our trip to Brisbane for our eldest sons graduation and then 6 days later we fly to South Africa. It has been a very crazy, busy time.

I have had some time to stitch and have started the sixth square.

I have to try and finish the rest of it in motel rooms as we fly our way out of town 2 hours before the school closes on Friday the 6th of December for the Xmas holiday. We will be staying in Cairns on Friday night and catching the next flight to Brisbane at 2pm on Saturday.

We are so excited  as we need a GOOD REST!

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