Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Candle wraps

I have started making cross stitch candle wraps. You know what it is like when one wakes up in the middle of the night, can't sleep and an idea jumps into your head... This is one of those moments.

I'm stitching with white DMC B5200 on red Aida. I want to wrap these strips around white candles and try and sell them for some pocket money.  I have been designing the words and snowflakes and been experimenting with different borders. I've been working on them during any spare time I have and while we watch TV. It has been quite exciting.

Set 1.
I started with larger snowflakes but these took too much time. On the last two wraps in this picture you'll be able to see the smaller snowflakes. I also omitted the solid line of stitching on the edging in the last two bands and this saves quite a lot of time.

Set 2
This Gothic alphabet was easy to stitch and went quite fast.

Set 3 in progress.
The snowflakes still need to be designed for this one. 

Set 4 in progress.(Holly edge)
This is my favourite lettering. I have also tried to compile an edge that looks like holly.
Have a look and let me know which ones you like the best. Then I might be able to gage the interest I might get online.

I am looking around at the moment to try and buy white pillar candles in bulk. As soon as I have prepared them for sale I'll update my blog and show you.

Happy stitching to you all till next time.



  1. The candle wraps are beautiful. You can do a royal blue with the white will look fabulous too. I wish you luck!

  2. I forgot to say I like the 3rd set.