Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pincushion finished

I have enjoyed making a small project. I decided to make a pincushion bottle to hold my excess threads while stitching on the candle wraps. I used a small jam bottle. Just sad the lovely strawberry jam is no more! Then painted the lid pink and decided on a small rose pattern I found on Pinterest.

This is a picture to showcase the shape of the bottle.

I used burgundy coloured braid to finish it off. I did have a hurdle to overcome on the way. You know what shifting is like. I have not been able to find the hot glue gun since our arrival here in Brisbane. So I have had to venture out and get another one. Then I was able to paste the pincushion to the lid.

I am rather happy with it and it was a fun project. Now it has become a permanent feature here in the lounge where I stitch.

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